json-httpd version 0.7.0

Mar 21, 2010 by Viktor Nordell

A lot of improvements, the short list:

  • Fixed if a requests path ends with arguments.
  • Added command line arguments.
  • Fixed problems with MIME type lookup.
  • Added ability to change the Java annotation used to identify rpc methods.
  • Added a new CustomHandler interface so library users can do custom request.

json-httpd version 0.6.0

Aug 1, 2009 by Viktor Nordell

json-httpd now supports new argument types for json-rpc service methods:

  • int
  • long
  • float
  • double
  • String

It's now also supported to set a custom path for the webroot.

json-httpd version 0.5.0

Aug 1, 2009 by Viktor Nordell

Initial release


json-httpd is a library that provides a webserver with JSON-RPC capabilities. The library makes it easy to develop a WUI for application using static HTML and JAVA using JSON-RPC for communication. It also works as a standalone webserver.


  1. Support for JSON-RPC.
  2. Multithreaded.
  3. Basic access authentication.
  4. Easy to modify.

Stand alone usage:

(The webserver will look for the webroot in a folder called webroot in the current working directory)

java -jar json-httpd.jar

Example code usage:

// Create server at port 8080. httpd = new HTTPServer(8080, 20); // Add an service. httpd.addService(new ExampleService()); // Start the server httpd.start();

Example JSON-RPC Service:

public class ExampleService { @JsonServiceMethod public String log(double log) { JSONWriter writer = new JSONWriter(); return writer.write(Math.log10(log)); } }
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